[Tutorial] to Register and Activate Account on TruckersMP


I think you are facing a problem with Activation of your Account in TruckersMP. This might happen just because you have not followed the ways to Register and Activate account on TruckersMP.Com

Rules for Creating Account on TruckersMP

Follow these Rules to Register and Activate your TruckersMP Account.

  • You need a Steam Gaming account profile made public, to verify the TruckersMP Account
  • Then You must have played for 2 hours on Steam from any game like Euro Truck Simulator or American Truck Simulator.
  • Then Register/Login to TruckersMP and go to My Profile -> Settings then press on Check Now.

Account Activation on TruckersMP

Now after this Your Game/Account should be activated on TruckersMP within 60 Minutes. And you will be able to login in the game and Play the Multiplayer Game Mode.



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