Free Download ETS2 Sumatra Map V2.8 Route [ETS2 1.30X]


The Sumatra map is based on an Asian place Sumatra, a large Indonesian island west of Java and south of the Malay Peninsula. The Sumatra is an island so the map is also mostly covered with Greenery. When you play you will find narrow curvy roads and Trees along the route. To download and install this map you need to follow some extra steps as given below and then you will enjoy this map till you uninstall it.

How to Install Sumatra ETS2 Mods Map?

Before we proceed with the Installation process just download all the parts of this Sumatra part given below. You need to download all parts there are 7 parts and links are given below. Make sure you have a wifi connection so you won’t run out of data usage.

Download ETS2 Map Mods Sumatra

Map Name Sumatra
Credits Creator: S.Ilham (Safarul Ilham)
Version 2.8
Total Size 1.5 GB
Ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Download Sumatra Pack Download
Savegame Sumatra Profile Download

If you are ETS2 1.35 or 1.36 Player then Download the Sumatra Map for ETS2 1.35 & 1.36 

Let’s get started with the Installations Process Make sure you download all 7 Parts and extract if they are archived.

Step 1: Download and Extract all Parts of Sumatra Map Parts (7 Parts)

Step 2: Copy the “.SCS” extension files of Sumatra Map to the Location: My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Mod


Step 3: Now Once you copied all files Refresh your PC and Start the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game

Step 4: Create a New Profile to Play in Sumatra Map. Before you proceed to play just look for Mod Manager and click on it.

Step 5: Now you will see Sumatra Mods on the left window to install them you need to move them to the right window of the mod manager.

ETS2 Mod Manager
ETS2 Mod Manager

Step 6: Now before you Save Changes make sure you have arranged the Map parts in the following sequence.

Sumatra Map Parts Arrangement
Sumatra Map Parts Arrangement

Step 7: All done now Confirm Changes of Mod Manager and Proceed to Play the Game in Sumatra Map.


Note: If you are willing to play a Bus in this Map then you will need some extra mods that will be covered in our Bus Mod Category. Please visit the Bus Mods in our website to know how you can drive a Bus in Sumatra Map


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