[Tutorial] How to Download Promods 2.4 for [ETS 2]


What is ProMods?

Promods.net is a website/forum where you can share your Mods and get to download Mods you want. Download Promods 2.43 is a Mod package that is very helpful when you want to expand and add more regions to the Europe Map in ETS 2.

While Promod’s latest version is 2.5 but still for ETS2 1.36 download Promods 2.43 is the best version that can be used to explore the East Europe region. But for that, you need to generate some files by following some steps that we are going to discuss here in this article.

Why Use Promods in ETS 2?

  • Explore the Map in blank regions like Eastside.
  • Use Map Mods like Poland Map and Rus Map.
  • Get Extra Cities and Special vehicles added in the ETS2 Existing Map

How to Download Promods 2.43 for ETS2 1.36?

Procedure to download any version of Promods is the same you will just get the 2.43 version for now and in the future, you may download Promods v2.5 by following the same steps.

“You need to signup to access the Promods.net website”

Step 1: First of all you need to visit the Promods/setup to create and download the Promods 2.43. There you need to follow around 3 Steps to download these Mods. Once you go to this link above and login you will see a window as shown in the image below. Then Select your language and click on Go.

Step 1 to Download Promods
Step 1 to Download Promods

Step 2: Now you have to click on the “Click here to generate the def file” before proceeding, this will open in a new window. (The first step on promods.net is to generate your def file. This file contains a number of configurations that you can change as per your choice.)

Step 2 to Download Promods

Step 3: Once you are on the page of creating the def file you will see some settings that can be changed if you want, or if you want the default settings then just scroll down and click on the generate button.

Step 3.1 to Download Promods


Step 4: Once you have download promods-def-v243.scs file then, come back to the previous page as mentioned in Step 2. (the v243 is the current version it can be different for you if you are using these steps in future.)

Step 3.2 to Download Promods

Step 5: Now click on the button Go to Step 2 and you will see the next step for downloading some Mods as shown in the image below. Please note if you want to download these mods fast then you will have to pay 1 euro. or else you can download these Mods in Part with slow speed as shown in the image. (If you are using the free plan then make sure you download one file at a time or you may get blocked from downloading.)

Step 4 to Download Promods

Step 5 to Download Promods
Step 5 to Download Promods

Step 6: Once you finished the downloading scroll below and click on the Go to Step 3 button. This is the final page with some necessary info like given below:

After downloading, ensure that all SCS files are placed in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods folder.

You should have:

  • promods-assets-vXXX.scs
  • promods-def-vXXX.scs
  • promods-map-vXXX.scs
  • promods-media-vXXX.scs
  • promods-model1-vXXX.scs
  • promods-model2-vXXX.scs
  • promods-model3-vXXX.scs

(where XXX is the version number)

How to use Promods?

These Promods can be used like other Mods just copy and activate. You can use these mods with the Poland Map, and Rus Map.

  • Copy these Mods to Location: My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Mod folder
  • Start the Game and click on your Profile and go to Mod Manager
  • Enable all Mods and click on Confirm Changes please follow the Mod sequence if given.

In case you had an older version of ProMods installed, either deactivate them in your profile or remove them from your mod folder! Enjoy!!


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