“Map of Russia” RusMap Mod v2.0 for [ETS2 1.36] Rusmap+Promods


Welcome back drivers, here is one more map mod for ETS 2 v1.36 with full Package and you will need an Addon “Promods” to explore the Euro Map in Russia Direction. The RusMap Mod v2.0 is specially designed and upgraded for Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.36. If you are ready to spend some GB internet and download this package then welcome to the Map of Russia.

RusMap Mod v2.0 is the latest update map for Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.36.x game version, with the extensive road surface, detailed towns and cities. In the Map of Russia, there are 48 full-fledged cities with their infrastructure, transport companies, and attractions. There are fewer cities in Belarus 14 that are already present in the RusMap old Map version.

RusMap Mod v2.0 Map Model
Russian Map v2.0 Map Model

Full Adaptation of RusMap v2.0

  • Replaced all “walkers” with “movers”
  • Fixed a bug with license plates of Belarus and part of Russian cities
  • Fixed a bug in the prefab of the gas station leading to a partial disappearance of textures
  • Fixed connector for communication with Promods
  • Make cosmetic changes
  • Fixed a road gap below Pskov (when using a card with default)
  • Fixed cosmetic errors found at this moment
  • Fixed localization (a separate mod is not needed)

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As this Russian Map Mod is designed for Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.36 please be sure you are using this ETS2 1.36 game. If not you need to update the game version.

Download RusMap Mod v2.0

Mod Name RusMap Mod
Compatible for ETS2 1.36
Credits [email protected] (Dmitry)
Mod Size 1.2 GB
Star Ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Requirement ProMods 2.43 Download
Download File Click Here

The Rusmap will only work with your ETS2 1.36 if you are using the Promods for that you need to read our Promods article. Link is given above.

How to Use this Map in ETS2?

  • Download all Necessary Mods and other Mods and Extract if any mod is Zipped.
  • Make sure you have all Mods in “.SCS” file Extension
  • Now copy all 6 Mods “.SCS” files to the Location: My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Mod folder
  • Refresh your PC and Start the Euro Truck Sim Game.
RusMap Mod Sequence in mod manager
RusMap Mod Sequence in mod manager
Mod Sequence
Rusmap Map package
Rusmap Model package
RusMap Model 2 package
RusMap Def Package
Realistic Graphics Mod v3.0
Promods Roadconnection+Promods 2.43
Promods Def package
Promods Map package
Promods Media package
Promods 2.43 Packages Model 1
Promods 2.43 Packages Model 2
Promods 2.43 Packages Model 3

How to Activate RusMap Mod?

  • Now create a new Profile and go to Mod Manager.
  • Activate the file of RusMap Mod and follow the Mod Sequence as shown in the image above.
  • Then you can activate your other Mods for Traffic and Trucks etc. And Confirm Changes
  • Now start the game and enjoy your first delivery.

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