Police Car Skin Mods for ETS 2 All Versions


First-Ever a list of Police Car Skin Mods in the Euro Truck Simulator game, you can use these mods for any version of ETS 2 v1.24 to v1.36. The List is shown below you can download any Mod or download all of them and enjoy the Police Car ride in ETS 2 Game.

There is no specific condition to unlock the Car in Euro Truck Simulator as like you need to reach to the Level 30 to unlock the Bus Mod.

List of Police Car Skin Mods:

  • Bulgarian police Car Skin Mod
  • Morocco Police Car Skin Mod
  • Turkish Police Car Skin Mod
  • Traffic Police Car Skin Mod
  • Bangladesh Police Car Skin Mod

All these Mods are compatible with any map and you can drive it in any version of the Euro Truck Simulator. To do so you just have to follow some simple steps given below to copy the Police Car Skin Mods and Activate them.


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I would recommend please Activate one Police Car Skin Mod at a time, this will not increase your game load and ETS 2 will not crash.

Free Download Police Car Skin Mods 

Mod Name Credits Mod Size  Download Link
Bulgarian police Car Skin Mod andreynfsgta5 21 MB Click Here
Morocco Police Car Skin Mod Djo Mods 1.2 MB Click Here
Turkish Police Car Skin Mod Kaptan Demir 0.2 MB Click Here
Traffic Police Car Skin Mod Atak_Snajpera 7 MB Click Here
Bangladesh Police Car Skin Mod Toneysoft 19 MB Click Here

How to Copy CAR Mods in ETS2?

  • Download all Necessary Mods and other Mods and Extract if any mod is Zipped.
  • Make sure you have all Mods in “.SCS” file Extension
  • Now copy all “.SCS” files to the Location: My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Mod folder
  • Refresh your PC and Start the Euro Truck Sim Game.

How to Activate Police Car Skin mod in ETS2?

  • Once you complete the steps given above start your game and Open the Mod Manager. Then Activate the Car Mod you have copied. Please remove other vehicle mods to avoid game lag and crashing the ETS2 game.
  • You can find this Police Car in Respective Company Truck Dealer of simply you can choose the new option available in ETS2 1.36 Mod Truck Dealer.
  • Modify the Car according to your choice and Purchase it. If you are new to ETS2 and need some essential mods then you can get it just search for Must have mods ETS2.
  • All done you have successfully installed the Police Car Skin using Your Favourite Police Car Skin Mods in ETS2.

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