European Logistic Companies Mod for [ETS2 1.38]

Free Download European Logistic Companies Mod

Got some European Logistic Companies for Goods Delivery in Euro Truck Simulator. These European Logistic Companies are the latest companies especially this mod will work only with the ETS2 1.38 game. This mod contains 6 liveries which is adopted from real-world logistic companies. Compatible with Scania S 2016 High Cab & Krone Profiliner Trailer (ownable) … Read more

Mercedes Aerodynamic Trailer Mod for [ETS2 1.35 1.36 and 1.37]

Free Download Mercedes Aerodynamic Trailer Mod

Download the Mercedes Aerodynamic Trailer Mod that supports both Scania and Mercedes Trucks in Euro Truck Simulator Game. This Trailer mod will support 3 versions, for this, you need to check your game and then download the mod accordingly. Please check your game version and then download this Trailer Mod, this supports ETS2 1.35, 1.36 … Read more

Indian Oil Truck Tanker for [ETS2 1.30]

Indian Oil Truck Tanker for [ETS2 1.30]

A long time after one more mod for ETS2 1.30. Download this Indian Oil Truck Tanker for your Euro Truck Simulator 2 v 1.30 and enjoy the oil and gas delivery over the most popular Sumatra map Please note this Map is only supported with ETS2 1.30 so please confirm your Game version before downloading … Read more

Caravan Trailer Mod for [ETS2 1.30]

Download Caravan Trailer Mod

I know everyone is missing this going out in the Caravan. The Caravan Trailer Mod will help you to attach your favorite Caravan in your car, and go for a long drive in Euro Truc Simulator 2. here is one tip please note this Caravan Trailer Mod is only tested on ETS2 1.30 version so … Read more

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